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Release Notes

We follow a two week sprint cycle. Every two weeks we release new functionality, bug fixes, or general improvements.


09/27/2023 - 

  • Goals for next sprint:
    • File Upload Tags
    • File Attachment for Exception Plans
    • Column Manager
    • General Improvements for Prioritize Page
    • V1 Dashboards
  • Bug Fixes
    • Login Refresh Bug has been fixed. Upon logging in you will be directed to the Prioritize Page.
    • CSV Download was only allowing first page downloads, now users can download up to 40k records. This will be updated next sprint to allow for all rows.
    • Filter Type Aheads are now available.
    • Details Pages are displaying. There was an issue where it would sometimes show Could not load data error's. 
  • New Features
    • Integration Sync History
      • Users can view the sync history for a specific integration. You can view how long a sync is taking and if it failed or succeeded. 
    • Remediation Plan Filters
      • Ability to filter remediation plans by date created, status, and source.
    • Exception Plan Filters
      • Ability to filter exception plans by date created, status, exception number, and submitter.
      • Note: The default date range filter is currently set Today. This will be changed to All Time in next sprint.
    • CSV Download Enhancements.
      • Users can now decide to download only selected vs all items.
      • Some limitations are still present but will continue to be expanded to allow for full report downloads.
    • Help Menu
      • Link to Knowledge Base
      • Link to Submit Issue or Feature Request

09/07/2023 - 

  • New User Management
    • New Roles
    • Introducing Teams
    • New Data Access framework
  • New Design
    • General UI redesign with new navigation:
      • Dashboards (coming soon)
      • Prioritize (replaces Infrastructure Vulns Reports)
      • Remediate (new page housing Remediation Plans and Exception Plans)
      • Integrations (new design and functionality but similar to previous integrations page)
      • Settings (new page housing user management and new setting configurations pages)
      • Help (coming soon)
      • Profile (Logout Button)
  • Remediation Plans
    • Users can now create remediation plans without having to have an ITSM integration configured.
    • Users can review and manage all remediation plans easily within the platform.
  • Exception Plans
    • Users can continue marking vuln instances as Risk Accepted or False Positive, however, now Admins can:
      • create and manage a set of custom Exception Reasons
      • determine if exception plans should be reviewed for approval internally
    • Users can review and manage all exception plans easily within the platform
  • Reports
    • New Prioritize Page replaces Infrastructure Vulns Report page
    • Quicker to get to Reports
    • New Query Builder
    • New Report Table
      • More columns
      • Ability to order columns
      • Pagination
    • Improved CSV Download
    • Ability to Save Queries
    • Ability to Save Reports
      • Reports are the combination of a Query + Group By selection
  • Targets
    • We have changed terminology from Asset to Target.
    • Targets are Scanner Results.
    • Our aim is to build a set of self-service tools to enable users to control how NopSec Assets are created. A NopSec Asset being the relationship between one or more Targets scanning the same location, and any associations with CMDB, Mitigating Controls, or other enrichment services. Goal is early Q1 2024 to introduce NopSec Assets.