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Vulnerability Scan File Upload Requirements

Scan File Upload Requirements

Unified VRM reprioritizes the vulnerabilities found in vulnerability scan files from third party infrastructure and web application scanners. In order to successfully upload scan files, please make sure that the file(s) meet the requirements below:

Rapid7: Nexpose "XML Export 2.0" (Supported by InsightVM and Nexpose)

Tenable SecurityCenter and Tenable io: Nessus V2 File Format

Qualys: XML 

Burpsuite: XML Flat File


Instructions on how to upload scan files

From the Integrate page, scroll down to the 'Network Scanners' or 'Web Application Scanners' section. Find the integration box that matches your scan files and upload. Scan file requirements can be found below. 


Network Scanners


Web Application Scanners

Once the file has been uploaded, a success message will appear in the bottom right corner of the window. An email notification is sent to the user's email account to notify that the ingestion was successful. If you do not see a success message, or if the ingestion was not successful, please contact support@nopsec.com