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Using Integrate

This page walks you through accessing Unified VRM Integrate to review existing and potential integrations to your security ecosystem.

Before you begin

To add a security source, see Adding security sources to Unified VRM for more information.

Accessing Integrations

  2. On the Navigation Tabs, click the Integrate button.

Viewing integration status

The integrations display enables you to view implemented integrations. Each implemented integration displays the latest status, time of update.

  • Good means that the integration is active and working.
  • A status of Error means that the integration is not working.

Error status

When an integration is not responding to an automatic heartbeat check, the status changes from Good to Error. The following occurs when this happens:

  • Support is automatically notified if this occurs to proactively.
  • An email is automatically sent to the customer admins.

Adding an Integration

Please contact your technical account manager to add a new source. More information can be found in Adding security sources to Unified VRM.