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Quickstart for Tenable.io VM

This page walks you through setting up readonly Tenable.io VM for your Unified VRM, and ingesting Tenable.io VM data inside Unified VRM.

Before you begin

To complete this quickstart, including setting up a Tenable.io VM credential for your Unified VRM, you'll need to have:

  1. Tenable.io VM subscription
  2. Tenable.io Administrator role
  3. Unified VRM Admin privileges

To sync asset and vulnerability data from Tenable.io into Unified VRM, Tenable.io recommends creating a dedicated account with an administrator role.

Benefits of Tenable.io administrator role

Tenable.io administrator role enables use of the export API when integrating external systems. This provides the following benefits:

  • Officially supported by Tenable and follows Tenable.io best practice.
  • Sync Tenable.io assets, tags, target groups and risk recasts. 
  • Faster sync and avoids API rate limits.

Tenable.io best practice for exporting assets and vulnerabilities

From page 29 of Tenable.io API Best Practices Guide:

The Tenable.io export API requires administrator role:

Supports Tenable.io elastic assets

Tenable.io's Asset UID is how Tenable.io tracks assets across IPs. Asset UIDs are only available via the export API and not available in scan files.

While the Asset Workbench API does support the Asset UID, it’s limited to 5,000 assets:

Faster sync and avoids API rate limits

From Rate Limiting (Tenable.io API):

Create a Tenable.io account with administrator role

Create an account for Unified VRM to download scans from customer’s Tenable.io VM account.

Step 1: Create a Unified VRM user account in Tenable.io VM

The following Tenable documentation shows how to create a user account.

Create a User Account (Tenable.io)

Unified VRM requires an Administrator role per Tenable.io's API requirements.

Please use the following values when creating a new user:

  • Username: uvrm@[customer domain]
  • Full Name: UVRM
  • Email: [customer’s email address]
  • Role: Administrator
  • Password: [choose a strong password]

Provide credentials to NopSec for Unified VRM

Please provide the Tenable.io admin user account’s username and password to NopSec. Please reach out to your technical account manager to coordinate the secure transfer of the credentials.

Troubleshooting: No asset groups in Unified VRM

Tenable.io Target Groups allow you to set which users have permission to see them. If the Tenable.io uvrm has "No access" permission against a target group, Unified VRM will not be able to import it.

The Tenable.io uvrm account must have either "Can Use" or "Can Scan" permission to import a target group. Alternatively, ensure the Tenable.io uvrm role is administrator.

More info here: About Target Groups (Tenable.io)