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Quickstart for ServiceNow Integration

Initial Setup

Authentication Requirements

Your organization’s ServiceNow instance must support OAuth 2.0. NopSec implements the authorization code grant flow, where customers are required to manually authorize UVRM to communicate with ServiceNow. If you need help setting up OAUTH, please reference SNOW’s product documentation:


ServiceNow Configuration

In order to complete the ServiceNow integration with Unified VRM, admin privileges are required in ServiceNow. In the admin account of ServiceNow, please take the following steps: 

  1. Under System OAuth, click on Application Registry and click ‘New’ to create a new Application 
  2. Select ‘Create an OAuth endpoint for external clients’
  3. Make sure the following fields are filled out: 
    • Name: A unique name. 
    • Client ID: Client ID automatically generated by ServiceNow OAuth server.
    • Client Secret: Client secret for the OAuth application. Leave it empty for auto-generation.
    • Refresh Token Lifespan: Time in seconds the Refresh Token will be valid.
    • Access Token Lifespan: Time in seconds the Access Token will be valid.
    • Redirect URLhttps://uvrm.nopsec.com/integrate 
  4. Click ‘Submit’ 

IP Whitelisting

The following IPs need to be added your organization's SNOW whitelist:


Connect Unified VRM with ServiceNow 

  1. Login to Unified VRM and click on the Integrations Page 
  2. Underneath ‘Ticketing Integrations’, fill in the fields below into the ServiceNow ticketing integrations box:    
    • Instance URL: ServiceNow URL (e.g. https://instancename-servicenow.com
    • Client ID: use Client ID that was generated by ServiceNow for the Unified VRM app in Application Registry
    • Client Secret: use Client Secret that was generated by ServiceNow for the Unified VRM app in Application Registry 
  3. Click ‘Connect’


If the integration is successful, a success message will appear in the bottom right corner of the window, and you are ready to begin creating tickets from Unified VRM to ServiceNow. If you see a failure message, please check your credentials, and reach out to your NopSec technical account manager if you still run into the issue.

Define the Ticket Fields and Mapping to ServiceNow

After the connection to ServiceNow is successful, contact support@nopsec.com to define the ticket type (e.g. Task, Incident, etc.) and the content of the tickets that are created from Unified VRM. Access to a ServiceNow admin account will be required.