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Quickstart for Rapid7 InsightVM

This page walks you through setting up readonly Rapid7 InsightVM credential for your Unified VRM, and ingesting Rapid7 InsightVM data inside Unified VRM.

Before you begin

To complete this quickstart, including setting up a Rapid7 InsightVM credential for your Unified VRM, you'll need to have:

  1. Rapid7 InsightVM subscription
  2. Rapid7 Global Administrator privileges (alternative available below)
  3. Unified VRM Admin privileges

Create dedicated Rapid7 InsightVM account for Unified VRM

Create an account for UVRM to download scans from customer’s InsightVM account.

Step 1: Create Rapid7 InsightVM user account for UVRM

The following InsightVM documentation shows how to create a user account:

Managing users and authentication

Please use the following values when creating a new user.


  • User name: uvrm
  • Full name: NopSec UVRM
  • Email: [customer’s email address]
  • Address 1: 20 Jay St #903
  • Country: United States of America
  • Role: User
  • Password: [choose a strong password]

Required permissions for role other than Global Administrator

  • View Site Asset Data
  • View Group Asset Data
  • Access to any relevant sites. Unified VRM can only import scans from sites it has access to.
  • Access to any relevant asset groups. Unified VRM can only import scans from asset groups it has access to.
  • Report Permissions:
    • Create Reportsimage__8_.png

Step 2: Provide NopSec with user credentials

Please provide the InsightVM url, username and password to your Technical Account Manager. Your API access will be confirmed shortly.