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Quickstart for Custom Vulnerability Uploads


The 'CUSTOM VULNERABILITY UPLOADS' feature allows you to ingest custom vulnerability data into Unified VRM. From the 'PENTEST FINDINGS' module, vuln instances can be managed, and tickets can be created. This allows for the necessary data to be ingested in order to create a full stack view of the ongoing vulnerability management operations in your digital environment. 

Before You Begin:

To complete this QuickStart, you'll need to have:

  1. Unified VRM Manage and Edit privileges
  2. A completed custom_vuln_upload.csv file


1. Download and fill out the custom_vuln_upload.csv, providing the title, business risk score, overview, remediation, affected hosts, detection date, due date, and assigned-to information of the finding(s) you'd like to ingest


2. In Unified VRM, navigate to the "INTEGRATE" module

Screen_Shot_2021-01-07_at_12.20.22_AM.png3. Click the 'Validation' tab



4. Click 'Browse Computer' and upload the completed .csv