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Metrics Dashboards

How to use the filters to focus your dashboard

  • Any filter you apply will effect all the visualizations on the page. 
  • Filters can be applied via the top options
  • The Asset Group filter allows you to select one or more asset groups
  • The Asset Criticality filter allows you to focus on the most or least business critical assets
  • The Vulnerability Risk Grade filter allows you to focus on one or more of the NopSec severity levels
  • The Vulnerability Age filter allows you to focus on old or new vulnerabilities
  • The Threat filter allows you to focus on:
    • Active Threats (currently known to be associated with malware, etc)
    • Potential Threat (likely to become associated with malware, etc)
    • No Threat (not likely to become associated with malware, etc)

How to download the dashboard for sharing

  • Click on the download icon in the top right corner to download the report as a PDF or powerpoint.

Data Latency

The data for the dashboards is refreshed (daily at 8am EST).

There may be a 24 hour latency between the dashboard and the data in the Infrastructure Vulnerabilities tab in Unified VRM platform.

The Visualizations:

Vulnerability Management Overview

The VM Overview answers the most asked question: "Are we doing better or worse?" This tab gives you a snapshot of how your vulnerability management program is progressing by looking risk posture, remediation and SLA compliance.



Risk Summary

The Risk Summary tab gives you a high-level view of your organizations current risk. Including vulnerability risk prioritization, asset risk and threat risk.



Remediation & SLA Summary

The Remediation & SLA Summary gives a comprehensive view of remediation and compliance progress. Insights into remediation and compliance progress gives you a clear understanding of the Vulnerability Management program gaps and successes.


Business Line Summary

The Business Line Summary allows you to track and compare your most important assets, giving you unprecedented insights into on your organization's business critical systems.



Prioritization & Workload Impact

The Prioritization & Workload Impact gives you a peek into NopSec's prioritization engine. It shows how much of your organization's time and resources are being saved through better vulnerability and asset prioritization.