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Manage Reports: Basic Report Builder & Advanced Query Builder

You can create and edit reports using the Basic Report Builder or the Advanced Query Builder.

Both Basic Report Builder and Advanced Query Builder offer the same depth and breadth of reporting functionality, but with different user interfaces. And both editors allow you to switch between them seamlessly, preserving any filter selections or query parameters you've entered.


Basic Report Builder

The Basic Report Builder guides you through building the search query that makes up your report with simple click-and-fill functionality. You can think of Basic Report Builder as the easy-to-use UI overlay that runs Advanced Query Builder. 

Basic Report Builder is the interface that opens automatically when you open a report or create a new report. 


Advanced Query Builder

Advanced Query Builder allows you to type in your search parameters directly to create your query. It is generally recommended for those very comfortable with the Unified VRM search language and search terms.

Advanced Query Builder is accessible from any report page by clicking the </>Advanced Query Builder link next to the Save Report button.

To revert back to Basic Report Builder from Advanced Query Builder, click Basic Report Builder in the upper-right corner of the page. 


The instructions on managing reports assume you are using Basic Report Builder, though you can switch easily between the two interfaces even as you build a report.



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