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Integrations are the unique connections to your tech stack.


In order to import your data into NopSec you will leverage Integrations. We are technical partners with all of the leading VM vendors and support over fifty integrations. We continue to add new partners monthly. The majority of integrations are API enabled, while others may be File Upload, and others requiring custom integrations.


Within the NopSec platform Administrators will have access to an Integrations page. This page will house all of the available integrations the platform supports. Users will be able to search for available integrations by product name or company name. 

Integration cards within the Integrations page are not always a one-to-one item to a Product's specific product or company. 

For example:

  • We have multiple Crowdstrike integrations, not one. 
  • Another example would be ServiceNow, we have multiple integrations for ServiceNow.

NopSec may determine to split a specific Product's APIs into a number of Integrations within the platform if each API may require different configurations by the NopSec team.


Each integration is unique and depends on the Product's requirements. Users will be asked to provide specific data such as credentials or API keys or tokens or may be routed through an OAuth workflow to authenticate with the product.

Each configuration of an Integration can be given a name. This is useful if you have multiple integrations per product.


Each integration will have a Sync History tab available for Admins to view the sync history that will enable them to determine if the integration is working or experiencing issues. 

Tenant Support

Some products support tenants which may require different credentials, APIs, etc. to connect to individually. This means that users will need to configure multiple Integrations for the same product within NopSec.

An example of this is Rapid7 InsightVM. If there are 10 tenants you will need to create 10 InsightVM integrations within NopSec, each with their credentials for the integration.


Each NopSec Package will allow a number of integrations to be configured. Additional integrations can be purchased if needed. 

You will be presented with the number of allowed Integrations in your instance and will be alerted when you have reached your limit.