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About Reports & Permissions

A Report is a search that you can run against your vulnerability data and save for repeat use. 

  • Reports are always run against the most current data in Unified VRM. 
  • Reports cannot be scheduled or emailed to others.

Tip! Much of the data on the Metrics Dashboards are reports displayed in graphical format. For many modules on those pages, you can click into a report category, which will open the corresponding report in the Infrastructure Vulns Reports section. Note that editing the supporting filters in those reports will not change the dashboards. 

Reports Access

All users in your organization have access to all reports in Unified VRM. Any changes made to those reports will affect all users. 

Permissions for Reports

Users must have Manage and Edit permissions to create, edit or delete reports. This permission set is inclusive of View permissions. Users with Manage and Edit permissions can create reports to run across any asset group, regardless of the asset groups they have permissions to.

Users must have View permissions to run reports.  

The report results that are displayed will be only for those asset groups that the user has permissions to view. 


Permission Required

Asset Groups

Create New Report

Manage and Edit


Edit Report

Manage and Edit


Delete Report

Manage and Edit


Run Report

View, or
Manage and Edit

Asset Group-level permissions for results