How to bulk edit Target Criticality?

You will learn how to format a CSV file that you can upload to update Target Criticality in bulk.

Last Updated: 12/14/2023



  1. User must have and Settings.write 
  2. Target Criticality Settings  found in Settings page must be:
    1. Allow privileged users to manually edit Target Criticality values set to True/On
    2. Leverage UVRM Auto Criticality Rules set to False/Off
      1. IMPORTANT: If you do not turn off Auto Criticality Rules, NopSec may overwrite your settings over time as it determines a target may have a different criticality based on its rules and logic.


CSV Template

target_id criticality
  • Two Columns are required
    • target_id
    • criticality
  • Target ID is the specific NopSec ID for the Target.
    • You can find this in a Group By Target query in Prioritize Page. 
    • Make sure to add the ID column to your view.
  • Criticality column takes any of the following values:
    • Critical
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
    • None


Steps to find Target ID and existing Criticality

  1. Go To Prioritize
  2. Click on Group By Target
  3. Create a Column Preset with the following Columns visible:
    1. Target ID
    2. Target Criticality
  4. Select All rows
  5. Click Download CSV
  6. Select All Rows and Download
  7. Open up your CSV
  8. Rename the columns from:
    1. ID to target_id
    2. Criticality to criticality
  9. You can now edit the criticality values and save the file.

Steps to upload File

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Target Criticality
    1. Ensure that Allow privileged users are allowed to edit criticality is set to On
    2. Ensure that Leverage UVRM Auto Criticality Rules is turned Off
      1. This is required because NopSec may overwrite your manual edits over time so it is recommended to turn off.
  3. Click on File Uploads
    1. Click the Criticality Tab
    2. Click Attach File
    3. Find the CSV file you created using the above template and upload.
    4. Refresh page and view the task table. 
    5. Once table says Finished you can go to Prioritize to validate changes have taken effect