How do I view Vulnerability Instance Details?

Last Updated: 10/25/2023


There are 2 areas in the NopSec platform that contain vulnerability details.

As a quick reminder, Vulnerabilities within the NopSec platform are dependent on the specific scanners you've integrated as several provide a concept of a "plugin" or "vulnerability" which may be a roll up of several CVEs in one. Vuln Instances are the specific CVE for a Vulnerability seen on a specific Target. For more details read the Onboarding article on Vulnerability vs Vuln Instance.

The following steps will guide you through viewing asset details in the NopSec Platform:

Default Prioritize View:

  1. By default you will be taken to the “Prioritize” page when logging into the Nopsec Platform. The Prioritize page will provide a summary view of the most recent vulnerability  ingested from your scanners. Column headers can be dragged and dropped to provide a more customized view of the data.

Vuln Instance Details Page:

  1. At the top right of your console select “Vuln Instances” next to the “Group By” option. 
  2. Click on the “eye” icon located on the first column of the table, next to the checkbox, to access the vulnerability instance details pop out page.
  3. Use the tabs within the page to view additional details to include:
    1. References - Additional links and information including deep links, known malware and exploitability data.
    2. Target - Includes asset metadata and any tags.
    3. Threat Intel - Additional threat intelligence references.

  4. Notice that each vuln instance has a specific Target associated with it. 
    1. The way you identify a vuln instance is by taking the Target Name, Target Location, and the specific Vuln Scanner ID.
      1. For Qualys integrations, the Vuln Scanner ID is the Qualys ID (QID).