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How do I configure the columns for my report? (Column Manager)

You will learn how to view all columns available for the Group By you are in and how to choose, order, and save that Column setting as a Column Preset.

Last Updated: 10/27/2023


The Prioritize page report table is designed to enable users to create Reports by specifying a specific Query, a Group By view, and a specific column preset. This article will describe how Column Presets work and how you can use them in your reports.

Column Presets

A column preset is the specific order of columns you'd like to see within the report table. This means users can configure their preferred views as a column preset and no longer have to reorder columns every single time they run a report.

Use Cases:

  • Reports : A report is normally a focused question that is repeatedly asked that requires a specific set of columns (data) to answer the question. You can now configure your Reports to run a specific query and display a specific column preset.
  • Analysis : While looking at data in a report table you may want to pivot your view to be able to answer different questions quickly. Using column presets within a given report allows you to do that without having to have one report with many columns that you then have to scroll to find.

Group By's Control the Columns

The report table columns are related to the specific Group By view you are in. For instance, if you are using the Group By Target view then the columns available are focused on Target related metadata.

Similarly, if you're looking at Group By Vulnerability then the columns are focused on the Vulnerability metadata and less so on Target related information.

Group by Vuln Instance, however, displays the majority of the Target and Vuln columns alongside some unique columns only available at the Vuln Instance level since a Vuln Instance is the specific vulnerability found on a specific target. This Group By allows you the widest number of columns to choose from.

So when creating a Report it is helpful to think about how you would like to visualize the data by selecting a specific Group By and Preset combination that suits the report best.

Create a Column Preset

  1. At the top of the Report Table, click on the "Column Manager" button
  2. A modal should open, showing you your existing presets organized by the Group By on the far left.
    1. Here you can select an existing Group By and edit it or copy it/duplicate it, or you can create a new Preset from scratch.
    2. You can also search across all group by tabs by typing a preset name at the top search bar. You will be presented with a list of presets that match your string and which Group By they belong to.
  3. Select the Group By you would like to create a Preset for.
  4. Then select Create New Preset button.
  5. Give the Preset a Name.
  6. Select the columns you'd like to be displayed by selecting the checkbox within the column picker.
    1. You can select all.
    2. Clear all items.
    3. Search for a column by its name.
  7. When you select a column, it will be added to the list at the far right. Here you can order the columns from top to bottom.
    1. The top item is the first item. This item that will become the first column on the furthest left of the table.
    2. The bottom item is the last item and displayed as the column on the furthest right of the table.

Load a Column Preset

  1. At the top of the Report Table right next to the Column Manager button there is now a smaller "secondary" button (a downward arrow) that when clicked shows a dropdown menu.
  2. Click the Column Manager Secondary Button and view the column presets available for your given Group By view.
    1. If you switch to Group By Target the list shown in the dropdown is only Group By Target presets.
  3. Click a preset you'd like to load. 
  4. The columns should immediately change to the column configuration set in the preset. 

Create a Report with a Column Preset

  1. Open the Report Manager at the top of the Prioritize page
  2. Name the Report.
  3. Select the Group By.
  4. Select the specific Column Preset you'd like to load.
  5. Save your report.
  6. Loading a Report will automatically run the query, set the Group By, and set the column preset.