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How to Bulk Assign Tags to Applications


If you would like to bulk assign a Tag to a specific Application in order for you to use those tags as ways of querying or filtering your data, you may do so by uploading a custom CSV file. In the near future Q4 2022, NopSec aims to provide users with both a Self-Service User Interface to manage bulk assignments for tags and groups and new API endpoints for customers to use.

The 'WEB APPLICATION ASSET TAGS UPLOAD' feature allows you to ingest asset tag information into Unified VRM.  

Before You Begin:

To complete this QuickStart, you'll need to have:

  1. Unified VRM Manage and Edit privileges
  2. A completed sast_tag_upload-Sheet1.csv 


1. Download and fill out the sast_tag_upload-Sheet1.csv below, providing the CIDR, tag name, and tag value, following the same horizontal pattern found in the template for the tags you'd like to ingest


2. In Unified VRM, navigate to the "INTEGRATE" module

Screen_Shot_2021-01-07_at_12.20.22_AM.png3. Click the 'TAG MANAGEMENT' tab


4. Click 'Browse Computer' and upload the completed .csv




You will now be able to bulk assign tags to Applications. If you're interested in bulk assigning tags to infrastructure Assets you can follow this tutorial; How to Bulk Assign Tags to Assets.

If you run into any issues please submit a help ticket or contact support@nopsec.com.