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Adding Security Sources to Unified VRM

This page walks you through adding new security sources to Unified VRM. In this context, a security source is a second or third-party security tool that provides security findings to Unified VRM. If you're using other security tools, you can add them to Unified VRM so you can have visibility into security tools findings in one, integrated place, so you can have a complete, holistic understanding of your organization's security risks, vulnerabilities, and threats.

After you complete this, your new findings source results will display in the Dashboard and in the Findings Inventory pages. If you want a custom dashboard card for your findings source, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

Before you begin

Before you can add a security source, the provider must complete registration as a Partner Integration Ecosystem partner. If the provider you want to use hasn't completed registration, you can refer them to the Partner Ecosystem Integration page for information about how to get started. To add a security source, you will need Unified VRM admin role.

Adding a security source

Adding a new security source requires a service account for that source. 

To add a new security source, follow the steps below:

    2. Connect the source you would like to add.

If you do not see the source type you would like to add, please contact your Customer Success Manager.